Mykonos Night Clubs

The best in Mykonos


Bonbonniere Mykonos is in an ideal spot, situated in the Tria Pigadia area and opposite the Louis Vuitton boutique. It has already become a popular destination for celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger and Lindsay Lohan. The venue is open 24 hours and serves local dishes on its outdoor terrace in the daytime, transforming into an exciting spot for those wanting to experience Mykonos’ renowned nightlife in the evening.


One of the best nightclubs in Mykonos, the Moni, captures the unique culture and history of this Greek city. This vibrant spot was created by a diverse group of people from around the globe who have been visiting the gorgeous island for over 25 years. It perfectly combines the traditional Mykonian identity with a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Astra, based in Mykonos Town for over 30 years, is a unique combination of lounge bar and hip club. At the start of the night, it provides a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for drinks, however, as the evening progresses, the enchanted fibreoptic ceiling that replicates the night sky of the northern hemisphere and changes colour to the beat of the music, causes the atmosphere to become more energetic. Astra is a popular spot for celebrities such as royalty from Monaco, supermodels and designers; to gain entry, it is recommended you dress appropriately or be Keith Richards.

Cavo Paradiso

The spectacular architecture of the Greek club located on the island of Mykonos could easily be mistaken for a setting from a James Bond movie. Overlooking Paradise Beach and the beautiful Aegean Sea, this openair haven is situated atop a 100foot cliff. It‘s no wonder why this idyllic location has flourished into a renowned club, having hosted some of the biggest names in music such as Nina Kraviz and David Guetta.


In 2017, a chic and modern venue opened in Mykonos Town, quickly gaining attention for its threelevel layout, two bars, curved furnishings, and large dancefloor illuminated bythe void,” a lighting installation that creates the illusion of a night sky. Notable DJs such as Damian Lazarus, Jackmaster, and Seth Troxler have all taken the stage at this spot, spinning deep house and techno beats.


A fixture in Little Venice for over 40 years, Scarpa offers great views, spectacular drinks, and a fun vibe day or night. Known for their fresh fruit cocktails, especially their signature Roger Rabbit (vodka, carrot, lime, peach, passionfruit) and their self-titled, extra-Greek Scarpa cocktail (mastiha, vanilla, beet, lemon, yogurt). Popular for sunset drinks and all-night dancing until sunrise.


This stylish cocktail bar draws a young and attractive crowd who gather around the tall tables outside. The unique signature drinks are worth the extra cost, especially those made with champagne. The venue offers DJ music in the evening, but for many it is just the beginning of their night before heading to one of the big clubs out of town.

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